a Brooklyn software studio specializing in data engineering and business automation

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What We Do

We develop custom software that allows you to leverage data for your products and your business decisions. We can extract and analyze data through the following services:
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We scrape unstructured data and transform it into clean data your business can use

Tools: Python, Selenium

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We store your data with scalable services that can handle millions of data points

Tools: PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift

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We enable automation for your data workflow with ETL pipelines and the latest cloud technologies

Tools: Airflow, AWS EC2/Lambda

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We extract actionable insights from your data through statistical modeling, machine learning, and NLP

Tools: Scikit-learn, NLTK

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We make your data visual so your company can be empowered to drive insights across the business

Tools: Tableau, PowerBI

Our Value

We help you tame data so your businesses or organization can actually use it.
Our focus is on working with startups and teams that are interested in creating powerful, data-backed products and making informed, data-backed decisions. Past clientele include:
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White Peak Tech
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Elixr Global
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Texas A&M University
The proprietary tools we built on top of our technology stack have allowed us to streamline the development process, saving you time and money.
"Accio Analytics was essential in building our data product. They created robust software just from an idea, allowing us to easily scale as the scope of the project increased. I would highly recommend them to other startups."
Ethan Jones, Founder of Elixr Global

The Team

Wyatt Shapiro
Co-Founder & Data Engineer

Wyatt Shapiro previously was a developer at SolutionLoft and a hardware engineer at Micro Interventional Devices. He loves to automate processes with software in order to empower small businesses to make great decisions with data. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Andres Tavio
Co-Founder & Data Engineer

Andres Tavio has years of software development experience at small startups like Hinge and large corporations like MLB Advanced Media. His latest obsession is with acquiring, organizing, and extracting intelligence from large datasets. He holds a BS in Computer Science from New York University.

Peet the Python
Office Pet

Accio Analytics has spent years training this non-venomous snake so it can summon and tame your data!

Let us be your data gurus!

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